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Cloud Telephony by NFON

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Take your communication to the cloud.
Cloudya is a cloud telephone system that helps you work smarter. Combining cloud PBX functionalities with UC functionalities like voicemail, call queues and screen sharing, and with just one number and inbox, employees can stay in contact wherever they are and across all devices.

Are You Ready for Flexible communication from the office, at home or on the go? No matter if you are looking for simplified voice calling, easy video conferencing, or seamless integrations for your CRM and collaboration tools - Cloudya is the perfect choice.

With Cloudya you get one smart cloud communication platform that does it all!

Communicate or Lose

You want fast and flexible

communication? Then voice

calls are still the best way to go.

That’s why telephony continues

to sit at the heart of Cloudya.

Our VoIP solutions help you

connect employees and

customers from any place and

any device. The result? Better

team performance and happy


Cloudya Has It All

It’s designed to maximise

productivity and can be

deployed within 48 hours.

» Made for hybrid work: from

home, the office, or on the go

» Built to scale quickly with plug

and play deployment

» Continuously updated: for

a safe and reliable work


Boost Your Business Communication

Cloudya is loaded with exciting features for all types of work environments. A breeze to set up, you’ll benefit from better
collaborations, easy scaling, and reliable connections. For happy employees, satisfied customers, and more revenue.

Get Things done
- with Cloudya

With Cloudya telephony,

communication always flows

with ease, and tasks are

handled before they can turn

into problems. This is how

you create a personal and

reliable work environment that

produces the results you want.

The Way We Work Has Changed

Hybrid work is here to stay, and video

conferencing has become a core part of any productive work environment. With this comes the challenge of finding the right tools to get the job done.

Cloudya Meet & Share Video Conferencing connects your teams, no matter where they are. It gives them the flexibility they need, helps

streamline workflows, and enables the most productive meetings you’ve ever had.

» Easy to set up, plan, and share interactive meetings

» Secure, affordable, and intuitive to use

» Productive video conferences with screen sharing and moderator controls

Are you curious about how Cloudya can take your business communication to the next level too?

We have everything you need, and more. Just send us a quick message to for more


Cloudya has saved my business! By allowing my staff to take and make calls from mobiles, computers and VOIP phones I have been able to provide continuity of service throughout these recent difficult times. 

Andrew Kerr - Conway Relf LLP

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