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Cloud Computing

Office 365, Google Apps, Hosted Desktop, Cloud Backup. We have a full suite of Cloud solutions to complement or replace your existing systems.


Cybersecurity awareness it a critical part of any IT system. By combining antivirus, aackup and secure authentication we will provide you with a solution that will secure your systems from disaster, misadventure or malicious intent.

Hardware and Software Solutions

We supply the full range of hardware from Synology NAS solutions for economic and reliable local storage to Wifi from Zyxel and Draytek for fast secure connections.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Hardware and Software Supply

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

We have long experience in the IT industry. We have supplied and maintained comprehensive solutions to a wide range of clients from large bottling plants and gas suppliers to start-ups and small businesses. We also support home users in Central London. 

A complete IT solution for all businesses

Hardware and Software 

Cloud Computing

IT partner with a shared vision.


Hardware and software Supply We can build your system from the ground up. From laptops and desktops to routers, firewalls and switches we can provide you with a reliable and secure system to ensure your business continuity and efficiency.

Cloud Computing The power and flexibility of Microsoft 365 can provide you with powerful and flexible solutions for very little initial outlay and allow you to simply scale your business up or down to react quickly to market forces.


Security Making the right security choices will make or break your business. We can set you up with a system from scratch that has built in security and resilience or consult with you to bring your current system up to contemporary requirements.